Tracker Locate is currently the most advanced and unrivalled tracking system available on the market. It uses cutting edge tri-technology to provide three different tracking methods (GPS, GSM and VHF), so that stolen vehicles or assets can be recovered as quickly as possible.

This is a premium quality tracking device that is approved by all major insurers and car manufacturers, including Lexus, Mercedes and Toyota.  Tracker Locate is Thatcham CAT 6 approved and the system provides tracking coverage in the UK and throughout Europe.


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The Tracker Locate unit will be fitted to your vehicle in a discreet position, so that it will remain undetected to thieves. In the event that your vehicle is stolen, you will be alerted. Upon confirmation of the theft, Tracker’s technology will track and locate your vehicle and the data will be used by the police in order to recover it. In many cases, cars can be recovered within 24 hours.

Tracker Locate uses a combination of three tracking methods in order to locate stolen vehicles in the UK and Europe. These include:

  • Very High Frequency (VHF) technology – this allows the police to locate stolen vehicles even when they are being kept underground in a car park or in a shipping container.
  • Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) technology – this aids the tracking of stolen vehicles to a specific area on computer based maps.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) provides the pinpoint location of the stolen vehicle.

In addition, Tracker Locate is equipped with a motion sensor which helps to detect any movement of your vehicle when it’s not in use, for example without the keys in the ignition.

Customers can access information about their vehicle through a web-based application called My Tracker. Information provided includes driving and traffic reports, security alerts and route mapping. My Tracker can be accessed via a PC, laptop or Smartphone.

Main features of Tracker Locate:

  • Fully supported by the UK police force.
  • Cutting edge technology including GPS, GSM and VHF tracking along with a built-in motion sensor – this combination allows Tracker Locate to locate vehicles even when underground or in lock ups. Tracker Locate works throughout the UK and Europe (full European tracking is subject to cellular coverage).
  • Includes anti-jamming tamper alert and battery back-up.
  • Fully approved by major insurers, this in turn may lead to lower insurance premiums.

A leader in the field, Tracker Locate is the most advanced tracking system on the market.

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